Monday, 30 May 2011

Here's a random painting for you inspired by my love of pin up and burlesque and another reminder about the SORTED London exhibition coming up very very soon! (This painting will not be in the exhibition)
I've seen the work of other artists as our catalogue is being made and I have got to say, These artists are amazing and it looks as if its going to be a dynamic, interesting and fun exhibition. (I guess i am biased though eh? lol) So on behalf of all the artists involved:

Chetan Kumar/ Carne Griffiths/ Sean Burtenshaw/ Lucy Wragg/ Emma Cowley/ Jo Cheung/ Eleanor Bedlow/ Thomas Leadbetter/ Rosie Smith and Myself, we invite you to pop in if you can!

9th- 15th June, East Gallery Brick lane, more details here:

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  1. GORGEOUS PAINTING. I love love love it! I am interested to check out this gallery too. Nice work, did I mention I love it?!