Friday, 28 December 2012

Bye Bye 2012, Bring on 2013!

So 2012 is almost over! In terms of art it's been a quiet year for me. I was really happy to see my illustrations feature on the Playful Promises gift tins that came out this year. Thank you again to the staff at Playful Promises. :) 

From January till July this year I was working really hard completing my teacher training, which was very time consuming and stressful.
I had a great holiday in August in the USA and after that I got some extra teaching qualifications so that I could teach abroad and thankfully all the hard work paid off as I got a new job as a teacher starting in March 2013 in Tokyo Japan!

In the later part of this year I also did some really exciting things including:
  • Helping my friend and artist Elena/ Yamino at London MCMEXPO on her stall both in May and October.
  • Going to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios and getting to act like a kid again! 
  • Attending London 'Hyper Japan' in cosplay (Sailor Mars)
  • Seeing Lady Gaga and Angelspit in concert again.
  • Meeting my favourite Korean actor Lee Byung Hun at the London Korean film festival closing Gala.
  • Seeing the Kpop group BIGBANG live in London at Wembley arena, which I can honestly say is the best concert I have ever been to. It was AMAZING!

I will still be using this blog to post any art I do whilst in Japan. I am sure there will be many exciting places to go sketching!

I will be documenting all my adventures in Japan on another blog which I will set up soon. 
I've got a really good feeling about 2013 and I can't wait for it to begin!

Happy New Year! 


Friday, 7 December 2012

Lady Vengeance- old work

Haven't had time for any new art recently, but I came across this painting from 2009 on my hard drive. It's from when I did a project on Korean films by Park Chan Wook at University. It's based on a still from the film 친절한 금자씨 'Kind-hearted Ms Geum-Ja' or the English title 'Lady Vengeance' It's an amazing film and worth a watch. (it looks as if a hollywood remake is in the works... unfortunately)

My paperwork is getting sorted for moving to Tokyo. Two and a half months to go!