Thursday, 16 June 2011

SORTED London exhibition, Japanese Street fashion paintings

SORTED London is now finished!
It was a bit sad to take it all down, but due to its huge success the participating artists are already thinking about SORTED part 2!

So, for those of you not near London or even in the UK, This blog post is to show the work that was on show.

Here are the ink paintings that I was showing, inspired by and based on the 'street snap' photography of Japanese fashion magazine 'KERA'. One image features 2 of the fabulous amazingly bright and colourful ladies of 6%DokiDoki, a fashion brand created by Sebastian Masuda. (6th image down)

The Art on show at SORTED London
Eleanor Bedlow showed her large and amazingly detailed pencil drawings which must have taken such time and dedication.

Sean Burtenshaw had made some awesome 3D paintings of celebrities with hair, eyelashes and clothes and paint. My favourite was Lady Gaga who also had a real umbrella!

Jo Cheung had a series of beautiful prints of animals including polar bears, penguins, wolves and owls. My favourite were the cute penguins with hearts on their belly. (Jo Cheung has posted lots of great photos HERE on her flickr)

Lucy Wragg displayed two different sets of paintings One of various celebrities in comedy. She even got Matt Berry to come and see her painting. Check out the photo of her and him on her Blog. Her other set was a great play on type on packaging including my favourite, a Marmite jar with 'F*ck yeah' on the label.

Chetan Kumar displayed 3 images with lots of colourful and drawings within them. They include objects, food and statues inspired by his travels.

Carne Griffiths exhibited 4 stunning and expressive paintings of people merging with plants made with inks and tea. He also showed some lightbox pieces. 

Thomas Leadbetter developed a way of showing music as a series of triangle shapes and colours for our degree show last year, At SORTED his triangle system represented children's 'rounds' such as 'row your boat' and 'London's Burning'.

Emma Cowley displayed 5 detailed and colourful drawings of birds and flowers, and one drawing included a tiny woman in a cage surrounded by birds, or perhaps it was normal sized woman and giant birds? 

Rosie Smith has a great sense of humor showing some amazing collages of paper, fabric, drawings and real pressed flowers. One image included a Cat declaring how much they love 'Big Tits' whilst watching some blue tits in a tree. She also displayed some detailed pencil drawings of London landmarks.

(Please visit the blogs and websites of the other artists. Most of them have their work in more detail to see there)

My artwork on the wall at the exhibition

The SORTED crew
For more info on SORTED please visit the other artists blogs and websites.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

SORTED London exhibition Private view

The crowds inside and outside the gallery
On the 9th of June at East Gallery in Brick lane London, The 'SORTED' exhibition had its private view and opening night. Having got a mention by grafikmag andAmelia's Magazine amoung others before the opening night, There was an AMAZING turn out and the whole gallery was buzzing with a fantastic atmosphere! for most of the night there were SO many people the crowds spilled out onto the streets.

Our little SORTED finch on a sign outside
The Exhibition features work by Myself/ Chetan Kumar/ Carne Griffiths/ Sean Burtenshaw/ Lucy Wragg/ Emma Cowley/ Jo Cheung/ Eleanor Bedlow/ Thomas Leadbetter/ Rosie Smith

Everybody was enjoying themselves, although at times, it did get a little warm and hectic as we rushed to make sure everybody had a drink!

It was such a huge success and we've had lovely reviews including one from Amelia's magazine (where you can see a photo of me standing by the door looking a bit crazy as I was in a bit of a panic trying to get hold of someone! lol)

The exhibition even managed to attract a celebrity! One of the artists Lucy Wragg (who is also my old classmate and friend as well as the organiser of this exhibition) was exhibiting a painting of Matt Berry from The IT crowd and The Mighty Boosh (among other shows) and he came along to the exhibit to see the artwork!

Matt Berry checks out our art
On the right is my sneaky photo I took of him in the gallery! He even tweeted about the show and had his photo taken next to Lucy and the painting she did of him.

I am so happy and proud. All the artists in this exhibition have worked really hard to create a vibrant, varied and exciting exhibition (even if I do say so myself. lol!) But don't just take my word for it, go see it of you can! Not to mention there is an amazing bagel and cake shop opposite the gallery which is a perfect post exhibition viewing snack!

Sneak peek!

Here's a tiny sneak preview of just some of the work on show:

I will post again when the exhibition is over with more photos of the work on show when it has finished. Until then, if you can see it, head down to East Gallery on Brick Lane and check it out! It's showing until the 15th of June open all day from 10.30 - 8.30.

Here's a photo taken of us artists involved by Amelia Gregory at the end of a rather busy, warm but fantastic evening!

The SORTED crew!


Monday, 6 June 2011


Here is just one of the paintings I will be exhibiting next week in the SORTED London exhibition in East Gallery on Brick Lane from June 9th to June 15th.

All the paintings I am showing are influenced and inspired by and based on Japanese street fashion and the vibrant images in KERA magazine (A Japanese alternative fashion magazine with a huge focus on street fashion) Our exhibition has been mentioned by a few art blogs, including by the lovely Amelia Gregory of Amelia's Magazine which you can see HERE.

Our website has had just over 2000 views which is great! :D

Very excited about the show, a little nervous too, crossing my fingers that everything runs smoothly and there are no last minute problems. (like me discovering this afternoon my picture hooks are the wrong size! lol)

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:) thank you!