Saturday, 19 June 2010

End of year exhibition

congratulations to all the University of Westminster Illustration students who worked so hard and made our final degree exhibition a great success!

The image above is of my final work which I decided to exhibit as a small installation resembling a victorian house interior with my work on Alice in Wonderland inside some ornate frames. A small table was at the front with a tiny 'drink me' bottle on it, in keeping with the Wonderland theme. My portfolio sat on a table opposite. I was very happy to sell a couple of bags and small zines (which I shall post photos of in another update)

I am happy to have completed my degree and this project. Its definitely time for me to move on. I am currently writing a list of different topics that I want to illustrate over the next few months in order to get me producing work and improving my style. I feel it is high time my work gained some more depth and content, as I am starting to feel as if my work is getting stale.

I am excited about starting to explore my ideas and begin work as an Illustration graduate.