Friday, 23 July 2010

Lady Gaga/

'The way she moves, the way she walks....'

I am so delighted and excited! or should I say... 'So happy I could die?' ;)

I was contacted by the website owner and designer of a very well respected and trusted Lady Gaga website which has thousands of visitors everyday, (including Lady Gaga herself at least once a week)
and I have been asked to produce some drawings/ paintings that will be used for the layout of the website.

Can't wait to get started on this! I hope it all goes well. fingers crossed!


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  2. Oh, btw... what materials do you use and how do you use them to make these beautiful pieces of yours? I'm very curious... you've done a great job :)

  3. thanks you. I use windsor and newton drawing inks, I use a lot of water so that the inks run in places of their own accord and I flick ink for the splattering effect.