Friday, 10 September 2010

Inspiring Designers/ Artists

This post is not about my own work but the work of some very inspiring and talented ladies I know.

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being able to (twice) witness the collaboration between my ex-housemate, friend and photographer Anna Swiczeniuk, aka: Aiko273 and the designer and super multitalented front-woman of the band Angelspit Amelia Arsenic aka: destroyx

These two are a huge inspiration to me and not to mention, two of the nicest and most creative people I have ever met.
This particular shoot was for Amelia's new fashion range 'A is for arsenic'

I was so delighted to be able to watch behind the scenes as the still life product shots and separate model photo-shoots were carefully set up and designed by both Anna and Amelia. The models as well were the gorgeous Nina Kate of Jane Doe Latex and her husband Stitch_D of the band The Defiled. Hair styling was by Ceri of Snarl Hair.

So go here and CHECK IT OUT!


I even got a mention as an assistant which was far too kind of Amelia as I merely provided some fishing wire, helped hang some props up and looked on amazed as the shoots took place. lol

Also, here are some links to Amelia's other sites:

Blog:'Your daily dose of destruction'
Make-up range:
Angelspit band merchandise: BlackPillRedPill
Etsy for Miss X jewelry: Miss X laboratories

(told you she was multi talented!)

Anna's portfolio is linked above and here:

A big thank you to them all for letting me help out.

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