Friday, 22 April 2011

Here's a preview of some work that I will be showing in an Exhibition in June in Brick lane in London from June 9th- June 16th. I will be exhibiting along with some other amazing artists/ Illustrators. I also have a new set of business cards being made featuring my more recent work.

I think I'll post up the full paintings up after the exhibition, along with some photos of the event.
My personal theme for my work was my interest in the colourful and eccentric world of Japanese street fashion, the paintings are based off  photos from KERA magazine. but the other artists all have their own themes and ideas.

The exhibition will also feature:

Chetan Kumar/ Carne Griffiths/ Sean Burtenshaw/ Lucy Wragg/ Emma Cowley/ Jo Cheung/ Eleanor Bedlow/ Thomas Leadbetter/ Rosie Smith

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