Friday, 7 September 2012

2NE1 New Evolution + Playful promises beauty queen tins

Currently on their 'New evolution' tour, K-pop girl group 2NE1 have had lots of recent success and are set to take the world by storm! I am a huge fan and I hope they make it to the UK one day soon.
 I made this painting of CL based on the promo image released before their tour began. CL is wearing an amazing unicorn dress by designer Jeremy Scott.

And as mentioned a while back, I did 12 paintings for Playful promises last year and they released this teaser image today on their tumblr! :D looks as if they will be out soon! I'll update again when they're out and get some more photos. I can't wait to see them in real life.

And I have been made aware of yet another tattoo based on my Alice in Wonderland drawing. (This is the 9th version I have found! See the rest here)

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  1. You have inspired so many with this amazing art. I was waiting in line at the store the other day when a little girl screamed at the top of her voice "look Nana it's Alice it's Alice! pointing at my leg.. Nana asked me if it is OK to have a closer look and I said yes of course. We stood for about half an hour talking about the movie and it just felt so nice that a lady who looked like she knitted all day was happy to appreciate my tattoo even though she said she used to think they were offensive and after see mine she said after all these years has had a change of heart. I am still so very in love with mine and thank you for letting me use your art.. your name in like a house hold name now :)