Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sera Myu- Sailor Moon musicals

'Sailor Moon' is a Japanese manga created by Naoko Takeuchi that was made into a hit anime series. The anime spanned from 1992 -1997.  Due to its huge popularity there were many media franchises that spun off from the show including video games, a live action series and musicals.

The Sailor Moon musicals, aka: 'Sera Myu', were performed between 1993 and 2005 with over 800 performances. The cast changed several times over the years. Compared to their anime counterparts, the costumes were very detailed, flamboyant and shiny. As a fan of Sailor Moon, the musicals are really good fun to watch.

I made this image just for fun. It shows the 'inner senshi' representing the planets of Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Mars and Venus. It was based on a scan from a sera myu leaflet. I expect I'll be making some more Sera Myu related art in the future.

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