Sunday, 4 April 2010

Business Cards

(Business card designs. Images on Left are Front designs, images on the right are their corresponding Back designs, which happen to be the same for both cards)

I made the old paper illusion myself mixing a few different textures and tea stained papers that I made (the final outcome was an edit of about 4 of these), and then complied them with my traditional ink drawings. I wanted them to have an old Victorian feel to them.

I was going to send of some business card designs earlier, but to my dismay I realised I had edited them all wrong. I've been trying to fix them all evening and I think I've done it. I've sent these two designs off for print, only a small number, just to test to see how they look. If they look good I will order more before the show.

I also have some other designs that I want to use, which aren't quite done yet, I would finish them but its Easter Sunday and staring at photoshop all evening has made my eyes sting, regardless of how much chocolate egg I have eaten, so I will finish them tomorrow.
Hopefully by our show I will have another business card featuring the Red Queen, and one that is -not- Alice in Wonderland related, just to make sure people don't think thats all I like to draw. :)

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