Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The cheshire cat- Work in Progress

My Cheshire cat design. (He's got a monocle) :)
Drawn in inks. Again, I wanted it to have a Victorian feel to it, hense him being rather old fashioned and gentlemen like with a monocle and some fur coloured to resemle a suit, including a bow tie. He will have a fairly natural colour scheme of Dark Brown/Black and white. I had tried out many colour combinations, but in the end, I decided that a more realistic scheme was more fitting to the victorian theme, as some of the bizarre colour schemes I tried looked too strange to match the theme of the other characters.

Sadly I couldn't fit his tail on the sheet of paper I used, so I will be drawing it on another sheet soon and adding it on in photoshop. I think it would be a little cruel to leave him tailless! I also have to add some whiskers. 

This cat design is also based on my own Cat 'Buttons' who sadly died back in 2007, who had fur colouring similar to this design and she has the same v-shape piece of ear missing, which I gave to the cheshire cat to make him a little quirky, even in the small details. 


  1. your Cheshire cat illustration is great!i think it's the closest to what i imagined it like!!

  2. I absolutely love this drawing! I love victorian drawings so much, and you capture Cheshire Cat so perfectly! :)